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I have been an elementary teacher for over twenty years, working in private and public facilities.   This was my first year teaching third grade and I received one on one in depth training from Sims Consultants.  They recommended strategies and techniques that drastically improved my students state FCAT scores. 

Sims Consultants also has great methods for controlling and minimizing discipline problems.  They taught me how to establish and maintain control of the classroom which allowed me to be able to teach.  Mrs. Sims' expertise has greatly enhanced my teaching style in the way my classroom is organized and conducted.  I have attended many educational workshops in the past, but the Sims Consultants workshop surpassed all of them.  The seminar gave me information that I could implement in the classroom, and I saw positive results instantly. 

I highly recommend this training for new and veteran teachers.  I feel that this workshop is designed to help teachers to become more effective and help raise test scores.

Shirley Pugh, 3rd Grade Teacher

Jacksonville, Florida


Dear Sims Consultants,

I want to thank you so much for your educational assistance during my first years of teaching.  I appreciate the hours you spent in my classroom providing me with practical tips that improved my classroom management skills.  With your help and assistance I became more confident in the classroom when handling discipline problems and communicating directly with parents.  Honestly, my first year of teaching could have been a very, very stressful one.  Being able to watch you and listen to your educational knowledge not only benefited myself, but all of my children in the classroom.  I will take the knowledge that you gave me and apply what I learned for many years to come in my teaching career.  Thank you again for everything!

Anthony Howard, 3rd Grade Teacher

Dear Sims Consultants,

I want to thank you for coming to our school this winter and helping our staff with setting up learning centers and discipline techniques.  I feel very fortunate as a first year teacher to have been able to attend your in-services.  The learning centers have been a wonderful addition to my classroom.  I was very uncertain of how to start a center and I am grateful that you shared your wealth of experience with me.  My students enjoy the variety of centers and instructional time. 

Discipline is always an issue within a classroom.  It is definitely needed to enhance learning.  I have tried to integrate some of the styles you taught me along with my own discipline.  Honestly, my experience as a first year teacher has improved greatly since our acquaintance.  I am very thankful for "The Sims" taking time to help teachers improve themselves in order to improve our children of the future.

Erica Simpson, 2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Amber Bushinski and I am a first grade teacher.  As a first year teacher, I had many questions I needed answered and Sims Consultants was there to help.  Not only did they give me advice on how to set up my classroom and manage it effectively, they also took time to come into my classroom and work with my students.  With thirty years of experience, I knew I could count on Sims Consultants to help me be successful my first year teaching.  I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from them and grow to be a successful and an effective teacher.

Amber Bushinski, 1st Grade Teacher

I am writing on behalf of Sims Consultants.  I am persuaded that Sims Consultants is a superb business.  I have been teaching for a little over seven years, and regret that I was not exposed to this type of beneficial training before I graduated from college and/or before entering the work force. 

Four years of college did not prepare me for what I had to encounter upon accepting my first teaching position.  The students that I had in my classroom were on a low socio-economic status, which in turn were major behavior modifications.  This lack of education made my job extremely stressful; to the point that I contemplated resigning on several occasions.

Sims Consultants came into my school for the 2004-2005 school year and conducted a very beneficial workshop which elaborated on what to do the first days of school to behavior modification.  In years past, I have dealt with things in the classroom that were often huge challenges, however, after attending Sims Consultants workshops, I applied their techniques and strategies, and have had great success.  I have since been very impressed with their much needed organization.

If Sims Consultants could some how visit every institution of higher learning in America, there would probably be a vast decline in frustration for first year teachers.  Teaching is a very exciting and rewarding experience both for the teacher as well as the students.  Therefore, the more equipped the teachers are when they enter the work force, the more successful our future will be.

I would highly recommend Sims Consultants to any institution of higher learning that would like to produce successful teachers.  I feel that all prospective teachers need to experience a workshop with Sims Consultants and those teachers will be willing and able to take on any group of students regardless of their socio-economic background, if he/she applies the techniques.

Joyce Russell - Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Hillary Fairbanks and I am a second-year teacher.  I can't say enough good things about Sims Consultants.  I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to listen and take advice from such a wonderful teacher with so much experience.  Mrs. Sims had so many good ideas for classroom management and center operations.  I also enjoyed  having her ideas put into place in my classroom.  Both of the ladies are very helpful and willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help us younger teachers get things in order to make our teaching experiences go smoothly.  At the same time, it has made for an exceptional learning experience for my students. 

I am so delighted that our school brought in Sims Consultants and introduced me to such a wonderful teaching resource.  I would like to tell anyone who is offered this opportunity I would strongly recommend taking advantage of it.  Thank you Sims Consultants!

Hillary Fairbanks, Kindergarten Teacher

I am writing this on behalf of Mrs. Irma Sims from Sims Consultants.  I am a first year teacher at a local area school in Jackson, Michigan.  Coming into the classroom as a full time teacher was overwhelming.  Mrs. Sims came into my classroom and worked alongside me, guiding and assisting me in areas of classroom management.  She introduced behavioral techniques that could be used at all grade levels.  I am currently using those same tactics to enhance my classroom environment. 

Mrs. Sims also assisted me in organizing my classroom.  She volunteered her time to help me improve my classroom appearance.  She is definitely committed to helping teachers succeed as well as helping students succeed.  I commend her for her efforts and appreciate all of the time spent in my classroom to create an improved learning environment.

Tarsha Oliver, 3rd Grade Teacher

My name is Gerrad Fryt and I am a first grade teacher.  I knew going into my first year of teaching that I would have many questions and the Sims helped me out with quite a few of them.  They helped me out by giving advice on what ways to set up my classroom to fit me and my own personal style.  They also took time out of their busy schedule to come in and help with the children who needed the extra guidance.  I feel very blessed to have the Sims to learn and grow from so in the future I can be a successful and an effective teacher.

Gerrad Fryt, 1st Grade Teacher

Dear Sims Consultants,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your suggestions and help in the classroom.  Being a first year teacher can be very scary.  The training you provided was refreshing and it really worked.  My classroom is a more relaxed and an enjoyable environment to teach in than it was before I had your training.  You did a fabulous job working with my students and making sure that your training was implemented throughout the entire school.  It makes a difference when all of the staff and students are on the same page.  Thank you again for all your help.

Ms. Leathead, 2nd Grade Teacher

Sims Consultants,

I want to thank you for the assistance during my first year of teaching.  Using centers really adds a new dimension to my classroom. Irma, I really appreciate the efforts you put into helping me.

It was really important to me that you were concerned about me as a whole person as well as the fact that I'm a teacher.  Exercise, rest and a healthy diet are all fundamental parts to the person I'm striving to become.

William Watkins, 5th Grade Teacher